Tools to Measure Respectful Maternity Care

The Birth Place Lab has developed two tools:

Mothers Autonomy in Decision Making scale

The Mothers Autonomy in Decision Making scale (MADM) is a scale developed to assess women’s experiences with maternity care.

It is a reliable and valid instrument, presently MADM version 1.0 is the most recent version and should be used for all new studies.


The Mother’s Autonomy in Decision Making (MADM) scale: Patient-led development and psychometric testing of a new instrument to evaluate experience of maternity care. PLOS ONE

Click below to download a copy.

Mothers on Respect Index

The Mothers on Respect index (MOR) is a scale developed to assess the nature of respectful patient-provider interactions and their impact on a person’s sense of comfort, behavior, and perceptions of racism or discrimination. The MOR index is a reliable, patient-informed quality and safety indicator that can be applied across jurisdictions to assess the nature of provider-patient relationships, and access to person-centered (Vedam et al, 2017) It is a consumer driven, reliable and valid instrument that has been administered to women in Canada and the US (see paper).


The Mothers on Respect (MOR) index: measuring quality, safety, and human rights in childbirthSocial Science and Medicine: Population Health.

Requesting MADM and MOR

This MADM scale and MOR index are free for use in academic settings, however for any study carried out by a commercial group or if the study is wholly or partially supported by a commercial organization a fee may be payable. This fee is dependent on a variety of factors, for information please contact the Birth Place Lab here.

Any funds generated through the copyright arrangement are used exclusively to support the ongoing work of the Birth Place Lab.

For academic studies, there is no charge, but a User Agreement is required for each study. Please click below to complete the download request form.

Request MADM Request MOR



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