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Perinatal outcomes from 2014 CDC data except:
Neonatal mortality: 2013 CDC data
Breastfeeding at 6 months: National Immunization Survey, 2012 CDC
CNM/CM numbers: American Midwifery Certification Board 8/2016
CPM numbers: North American Registry of Midwives 2016. By residence, practice site might differ
Births per state: 2015 CDC data
CPM and CM data: 2014 Area Health Resource File, Centers for Medicaid Services
Births attended: 2014 CDC data

VBAC: vaginal birth after cesarean section
Physiologic birth: not induced, labor started spontaneously, vaginal delivery without forceps or vacuum
Premature birth: before 37 weeks gestation
Low Birth Weight: less than 2500 grams
Neonatal mortality: up to 28 days
Breastfeeding: exclusive